Monday, March 9, 2009

We're All Home Together

It's about 12:30 a.m. so this will be quick...they are home! It's wonderful! Meeting Lucey Lu was just as I imagined it would be only better. The next few pictures are just a few of the many my sister, Jennifer, and my Dad took. The plane was delayed about 1/2 hour. When Ron could use his cell phone, he called from the plane to let us know they arrived. The boys and I, Mom and Dad, Jennifer and Rob and Carol were all waiting with great anticipation. I had tears as I saw them walking down the hall. There she beautiful girl in her Daddy's arms. Adam was so kind to video tape for us.

Meeting Lucey Lu
She was not sure what to think; she was shy.

We gave Lucey some space as we carefully moved in.

I offered a bribe... a little organic graham cracker and it worked. She let me hold her. :-)
Our little American Girl.

Our first family photo with Lucey.

Lucey let me carry her all the way to the car. She was waving bye-bye to Jennifer and Rob. She did fantastic in the car seat....she had never been in one. Adam sat next to her for her security.
She is afraid of Max. I think this relationship will take some work.
She seemed to get more comfortable with me as I played with her, gave her kisses and fed her dinner.
Ron and I bathed her together. She is soooo tiny! Her little legs are so tiny. She loves the new bath toys I had for her. She does not mind Ron dumping water over her head.
She was so tired and cried while Ron took his shower. All this newness to soak in. I'm sure she is overwhelmed. Ron cuddled with her in bed until she fell asleep.
Thank you Mom and Dad, Jen and Rob and Carol for meeting us at the airport and greeting my guys and Lucey Lu when they arrived. It was very special for us to have you there.


  1. HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Beth,
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us... I can not wait to travel to get our daughter!
    Lucey looks just wonderful, and here's wishing you and your family an easy transition!

    Keep on with the pictures!


  3. Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing Lucy's journey home with us. Hope you all are resting and soaking it all in.


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