Sunday, March 8, 2009

They are in U.S. Air Space!

Hi Everyone--

I jumped out of bed this morning--a little loopy mind you. Who cares about the time change! I can't wait to see my guys and meet my little girl! It's been 24 hours since I spoke to them and I miss them! Several of you called me yesterday and prayed with me and that was such a comfort...thank you very much! I feel so blessed knowing that my family is covered in prayer by all of you.

I went to the Continental Web site to track their flight...I didn't realize that there was such a thing as Flight Tracker. I got on just in time to see their plane enter the U.S. over Washington! How cool is that! My baby is in the US! Their flight is right on schedule. (Click on "Flight Tracker"--enter CO for Continental, Flight Number 98...if you want to track their flight. It's a great tool to use in the future too and for the kids.)

The boys and I will be leaving for the airport around 5:30 this afternoon...

The next post will be of me with my daughter....Lucey Lu!

Love to all of you--

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