Thursday, March 5, 2009

Visa Ceremony

Journal Entry 9: 5 March 09

Yea-- Lucey had her adoption Ceremony today and we are officially complete with the adoption process in China. Lucey was very excited for her ceremony and she loves wearing her pretty dress with matching bow. There were approximately 40 adopting families at the ceremony. Everyone was so happy! We begin our journey back home tomorrow. We head to Hong Kong by train in the morning.


The American Consulate

Happy girl

"I just can't contain myself!"

" I love dancing in my pretty dress."

Twirling in the hall

I had to post this quick--I'm running out the door. I'll come back and share a little more and "clean up" this post a little. I just had to share these pictures with you before I left the house. Lucey looks so happy--like she knows--she's a Tucker! (I also think she is loving her dress!)


  1. she is just so cute! I bet you are so anxious to meet her... congratualtions!

  2. oh thank you for posting these "twirling-in-my-pretty-flowered-dress" pictures. lots of memories.
    Sweet Lucey you are just so beautiful, we look foward to meeting you.
    Is Adam modeling some new attire as well? handsome boy!
    Ron, just as dashing and dapper as ever.
    love to all the Tuckers, travel safely!!

  3. Lucey is adorable and she's definitely a girly girl. It looks like she loves dressing up with a pretty bow. She's such a happy girl. We look forward to meeting her really soon. Can't wait. Have a safe journey back home to USA. Love you! Rob n Jen

  4. Thank you for stopping by, Blessed Family...I can't wait for Lucey Lu to get here! Stacy, I do believe this little girl likes to twirl. I also heard she surprised Ron with a forward roll. It scared him, I think it's great! Adam is sporting his new look; he says the guys dress very nice over there. Jen, she is a girlie girl! She loves her purse too. :-) We hope to see you at the airport in just two days and counting!


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