Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sun Yat Sen Memorial

Today, Lucey Lu is 21 months old. She has been with Ron and Adam for 9 days. What an amazing 9 days they have been. She has really blossomed in those 9 days...although she has adjusted so well to Ron and Adam...she is even more comfortable with who she is with them. She is testing Ron and that is good....she is wanting to know her boundaries. She responds well to "no" right now and Ron has had to say that to her. She is such a happy girl and inquisitive. She is trying to form words--I can see where she will have a language explosion soon. I can't wait to be a part of all of her learning.

Lucey had her Dr.'s appointment and she is 33 inches tall and 22 pounds. She fall asleep early tonight--I'm sure she was worn out after the shots, crying and anxiety of being in the big, sterile building. She wanted out! She cried getting her picture taken for her visa....just was not happy.

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
Sun Yat-sen: 1866-1925, was a Chinese Revolutionary and political leader often referred to as the Father of Modern China. Sun played an instrumental role in overthrowing the Qing Dynasty in 1911. He was the first provisional president when the Republic of China (ROC) was founded in 1912.

The gardens are beautiful--so is my family. :-)

In the market again.

Ron is making his first born and his last born laugh...that has a great ring to it.

Notice the palm trees in the background.

Ron and I finally linked up on Skype before Ron went to bed. Ron was trying to be quiet but I could not hear him. Ron was getting tired of holding the mic up to his face so he draped it over his head...."Go to bed Ron...you are getting slap happy!" Good night again....see you in the morning.


  1. where's the bow? hehehehe
    your men are doing such a terrific job, could she be any happier? can't wait to see the pictures of your family all under one roof!!
    love to all

  2. I know! I know! I just found your blog a few days ago on RQ!
    How cool that your husband and son are in China getting your daughter!
    We do have much in common and I'm so excited you'll be in KC area soon. We're about 1-1/2 hours North of there.
    It will be so wonderful to share experiences with our little one's needs. I have another friend in our same town that adopted an 8 year old with a similar condition, so she's already giving me advice on which doctors they like at Children's Mercy!
    Thanks for you comments. Keep in touch and I'll be following along for Lucey to get home!
    God Bless...


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