Friday, March 6, 2009

Lucey Loves Spaghetti

Journal Entry 10: 7 March 09

We are in Hong Kong! Lucey did great on a very nice train ride. It was like being on a very nice plane. We spent most of the day traveling and settling into the Holiday Inn Golden Mile in Hong Kong. We picked up information on visiting the Big Buddha for tomorrow. We had lunch at the spaghetti house and Lucey had a big bowl of spaghetti followed by a banana split. Saturday will be a visit to the Buddha statue and then early to bed for an early trip to the airport on Sunday morning.

Lucey is settling into the train ride.

Have you ever seen a girl enjoy spaghetti this much! It's on my menu...I can't wait to serve her some.
"Slurping up the noodle"

"I love eating with my fork and spoon--all by myself!"

"This is heavenly!"

"Daddy bought a banana split for us to share---mmmmm!"

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