Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back on the Home Front

Andrew and Christian played beautiful today in their piano recital. Andrew played Grandmother's Lace, by C. Klose and Swingin' and Swayin' by M. Mier. Christian played The Stallions' Promenade, by J. Vogt and For the Beauty of the Earth, by J. Pierpont. Great job boys!

Mrs. Hanley welcomes us and says a few things about her students before they begin. She is a fantastic teacher--so loving and kind to her students yet expects a lot. What a great combination...all of her students performed well. The recital was enjoyable.

It's about time to start. Andrew and Christian went over their music quite a few times today and they still had the jitters.

This is Andrew.

Now it's Christian's turn.

Nana and Papa came to watch.

Mrs. Hanley gave out trophies...I love it! The boys were pleasantly surprised.

I had to sneak in a picture with my wonderful friend--and my boys. :-)

My guys!

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