Thursday, February 19, 2009

They Made It To New Jersey

I'm posting for Ron and Adam. They have been sending us pictures with their camera phones. Their first flight was very smooth. Ron slept the entire way and Adam listened to music.

Text From Adam: Adam at Newark, NJ Airport, Hi Mommy!
Text From Ron: Hi Beth, We are boarding in 45 minutes and yes that is our plane!

Text From Ron: We board in 10 minutes, yeah!

Text From Ron: Loading the bird, TVs and all!

We won't hear from them again until morning. I have it figured out that they should land in Hong Kong at 8:00 p.m Hong Kong time. That would be 4:00 a.m. our time (CST). It will be hard to sleep tonight. I can't wait to hear about their flight and their first reactions to Hong Kong--especially Adam's. He is just beside himself with excitement. He has studied and researched this trip and the areas they will be traveling to. He knows exactly what he wants to see and do while he is over there. He said he is ready to strap Lucey in the side carrier and hike away.

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  1. Morgan and Walker are so jealous! They did not get to go to Beijing, China with me in '05 and would LOVE to see Hong Kong in person. What fun!!!!
    Sending love to your far flung troopies!


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