Friday, February 20, 2009

Ron and Adam are in Hong kong

I was up early praying for my men. I could hardly wait to talk to them! I also realized that I made a mistake with the time change. Oh brother...what was I thinking? They actually arrived in Hong Kong at 6:00 a.m. our time. They had a wonderful flight. They watched movies the whole time with a little sleep here and there. Their flight was very smooth. There was a seat empty between them, and they enjoyed the extra room. Adam sat by the window and love seeing Victoria Peak as they were coming in. He is ready to explore. They arrived at their hotel with no problem, and they said everyone has been incredibly nice to them. We tried out Skype for the first time and it was fantastic! Adam gave us a tour of their room and it's really nice. We could see each other and talk and it was so clear! I clicked a snapshot of Ron on Skype. Technology is wonderful! They are off to get a bite to eat and to walk around a little. Tomorrow they fly to Fuzhou. We are going to catch them again on Skype at 6:00p.m our time.

This is the imagine we see when we are on Skype. It's so clear. I can't wait to see Lucey Lu! I'm going to have to make myself look a little more presentable....I may scare her if I looked the way I look this morning.

Until next time....

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