Thursday, February 19, 2009

And They're Off!

We were up at 3:00 this morning and managed to get out the door by 4:00. I have to say, everything went very smooth. All 5 of us were in the car together and we lifted this journey up in prayer. We feel covered--we feel your prayers and we very much have peace with the big changes that are about to happen in our lives. The boys are so eager to have their little sister home with us. Ron and I can't wait to be Mommy and Daddy to Lucey Lu.

Do not be afraid, for I am with you;
I will bring your children from the east
and gather you from the west.
I will say to the north, `Give them up!'
and to the south,
`Do not hold them back.'
Bring my sons from afar and my daughters
from the ends of the earth-- ---
Isaiah 43: 5-6


  1. I just read that you sent your family off to China on Aimee's blog. I took a peek and have enjoyed reading about your family and the upcoming adoption of your daughter. Our "original" family was made up of three boys also, and now that they are grown, I certainly miss all the things that go along with raising boys. I'm glad that your oldest son is traveling with his dad. When we adopted our second daughter, our third son traveled with Dad. It was a trip he will never forget, and the bond between him and Abby will always be strong. I know how hard it is to be the stay-behind parent, so I will keep you in my prayers. I wish you and your family well and will drop in to hopefully see those gotcha day pictures!
    ~Linda from Colorado (Mom to a sailor, soldier, and a marine)

  2. Hi Linda,

    Thank you for dropping in and sharing your story. I also appreciate the prayers. Oh, it has been hard to stay behind but I also know this is where the Lord has me and I'm at peace. Talking to Adam this morning, he is just so excited to be there. What a gift for him. We thank your sons for their service. You must be proud! I'm going to go hop over to your blog.--

    Sincerely, Beth


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