Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All The Details Coming Together

"Show Me The Money"

Much of this will go to the orphanage who supported Lucey for the past 20 months. It is with great honor that we pass this "paper" along.

My Dear Friend, Catherine, who also happens to be a super organized gal, gave me this tip--put the clothes in gallon sized Z*p Lock bags. It not only allows for extra space because of getting rid of the extra air and condensing the keeps her things organized. Two guys traveling could use a little help. I helped them out a little more by writing suggestions on the bag ;-). A whole outfit in one bag. It may be a little cool in one province and a little warmer in the other. I put her bows, mittens, hat and undershirts in another bag. We have packed so much more but you get the idea.

This is the paper work--those Very Important Documents. Carol stopped by today and looked it over to make sure we had everything. We have it all! Ron has a very good system for traveling with the papers.

Lucey has her own bag which will be taken as a carry on. A few things needed to go in the checked luggage. A person is only allowed to carry one quart sized bag with liquid, gel, cream etc... product. Obviously Lucey has more than that. I packed for her a few toys, a book, blankies and the sweet little doll you see laying in the suitcase. I hope these will help with her transition. I also packed some Chedd@r B@nnies and a few other toddler snacks to help her that first day.
Adam set us up with Skype (We both have a camera and microphone on each computer so we will be able to see and talk to Lucey and she will be able to see us. We also have a Panda Phone (a company who sells their minutes at a cheaper rate)...we have our communications covered.
Just one more quick thing...some have asked about our travel arrangements. It was with prayer and lots of discussion that we came to the decision that it would be just Ron and Adam traveling. There were several factors involved but they are personal so I'll leave it at that. Thank you for asking though. We are overwhelmed by all those who are pouring out their love and prayers on us and especially on Lucey. We feel very blessed to have friends and family who care so much. We feel those prayers. Thank You. :-)


  1. We love you!!!!! 'nuff said :-)

  2. Dear Beth, Ron, Adam, Andrew & Christian, Vic and I want to send a HUGE congratulation!!!! You are now a family of 6 ... you've all worked so hard for this. God has truly blessed you with a beautiful, sweet, precious little girl. We can't wait to meet her. We know that she will need to adjust to her new home so we are aware that it will be a while before we can visit. Please know that you are in our hearts & prayers. We ask God to embrace you all with abundant love and protection as your guys and new little Lucey travel home. Our Love, Vic & Clare


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