Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lucey Louise Yue--

Wu is part of Lucey's Chinese name. We thought that it would be nice for her to keep part of her name. Our guide told us that Yue, which is also part of her name, means--Joyful. Oh my goodness, we changed her name yesterday. She is pure joy.

I never made it to bed last night. I was so excited about meeting my daughter and talking to Ron that I was pretty wired. Ron came back on the computer after he put Lucey to bed and Adam was asleep. This is Ron's Skype pic with the lights out. Look at that smile. He is feeling so blessed and gives God all the Glory. They had a great afternoon.

Ron and Adam took Lucey out for a walk in the very populated city. Ron was told that it was possible that some folks would not receive her well because of her facial deformity (Lucey has hemifacial microsomia--an under developed right side of her face...I have not talked about it much on here. I'll have to address it soon and explain what she faces medically). Some may point and say mean things and give nasty looks. For those of you who were praying for that specific situation...once again answered prayers. Lucey means "LIGHT" and Yue means "JOYFUL"--Ron said she was all of that yesterday. They passed hundreds of people. She was waving to everyone and smiling big. Ron said people were smiling back and giving them approving looks. One lady approached them and said something sweet by the look on her face. Ron said it was amazing. He was in awe. Lucey took a bottle and fell fast asleep. She slept through the night and at one point put her little hand on Ron's face and slept like that. Ron didn't sleep much; he was too busy thinking about Lucey.

Once again I was there, via skype, as Lucey was waking up. Ron had to really talk to her and give her affection to get her to wake up. It was so cute. She did great. She took her bottle in Ron's arms and looked so comfortable there.

Lucey sees herself in the reflection of the mirror.

Look at that smile. Her big brother, Adam, is making her laugh.

Tired girl, resting on Daddy's shoulder.
From Ron:

Yea! We brought Lucey Louise Yue Tucker into our family today. Meeting her did not go as expected! I anticipated a rough first day followed by gradual acceptance as the days go by. Instead I was greeted by a little girl who was unsure and cautious of an unfamiliar face, yet two hours later she was hugging, hand holding and giving us the biggest laugh I have heard from a child in a long time. Adam, Lucey and I mingled with a crowd of no less than 300 Fuzhou, China residents and we couldn't get enough greetings and genuine pleasure on their faces as they saw Lucey squeeze my neck with one arm while she tickled Adam with the other laughing out loud on a one and a half mile stroll down the board walk. Our family has truly been blessed by God today and Jesus was walking with us. He must have been laughing as much as Lucey. We have a long day of paper work tomorrow working on Lucey's Passport and VISA. Talk with you all when we finish.


  1. Your post is very precious. I'm so thankful that you have found each other - what a true blessing. Lucey looks to be very tiny against her dad. I'm sure you can't wait to get your hands on her!

  2. Another day of Joy!
    And another day of reading a joyful post that brought joyful tears to my eyes.
    So very happy for you all!
    (hope you are catching up on a little sleep tonight)

  3. Thank you for sharing our joy with us. Lucey is truly an amazing little girl. No, Trena, I'm not getting enough sleep. I'm not sure what to do about that. I'm coming down with another cold and wearing myself out. I need to work on a better schedule. Thank you for your concern. :-)


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