Monday, February 23, 2009

Loving Lucey

It's Tuesday, February 24th--In China

(I'm begging my guys for digital images--maybe before they go to bed?)
Ron, Adam and Lucey got a great nights sleep last night. They were up by 6:00 a.m. and looked so refreshed. Adam said he slept 15 combine hours yesterday/night...he was taking lots of naps. Ron gave Lucey her first real bath in the tub. She cried. Ron is a clean freak. He was very eager to scrub his little girl. I could tell she had a bath....her hair was all fluffy. She just loves her bows and her socks. I watched her bring her socks for Ron to put them on her and she wants that bow in hair. I packed quite a few for her and Ron is doing a great job of doing her hair. Lucey loves to cuddle, especially in the morning. I just love watching her lay her head on Ron's chest....she plays with his fingers and rubs his arms. It's so dear. She loves Adam...he's all about play and she is quite spunky. She points to what she wants and she is serious.

Ron called me from their crazy cab ride to tell me they were touring a Buddhist Temple. I talked to Adam too and he was very excited. I can't wait to hear more. Lucey fell asleep on the ride and Ron said all was well. They may also be going to a Panda Reserve and Adam and Shinko are going to do a little shopping. I'm so glad they are getting out and seeing the culture and the history.

I'll be up early so I can chat with them. I can't wait to hear about their day.

Several of you have given me advice to pass on to Ron. Thank you. We appreciate everything everyone has to say.




  1. Such a cute picture. She really does look at peace with her new life - what a blessing!

  2. Thank you Linda! We give all the glory to God. She is so happy. I watched her play with Adam a few minutes ago and she would laugh and plop back on the bed. She loves her Daddy's arms. She loves Adam to hold her too and to play with her. Amazing.


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