Sunday, February 22, 2009

Introducing......Lucey Louise

Let me tell you about a little sweetness.... Lucey is precious.

I could not sleep. My stomach was in knots waiting to hear the ring on the computer letting me know my guys had Lucey. Ron called at about 3:15 a.m. and this is what I saw....Little Lucey Lu sleeping in her Daddy's arms. All I have is Skype images right now so it's not very clear but you can get a little glimpse of our sweet baby girl.

She woke up a little bit later and whimpered. Ron distracted her with her baby doll. She loves it.

Ron was able to change her diaper with no problem. She didn't mind at all.

The twins and I were talking to her. She is just adorable.

She loves playing with her stacking cups. I watched her for over 30 min. Putting them together, taking them apart. She could even put them in order. She played with Adam. While he was spread out on the floor, she was touching him. She is very curious.

Ron just gave her a sponge bath and changed her shirt. She's all fresh. I just love being right there with them. Ron asked for a little advice on a few things. Even though I'm on the other side of the world....I felt so apart of the moment.

Daddy even put a bow in her hair. The size 18 months clothes even fit! I mean to tell you, it's amazing. Andrew's comment was....It's Jesus.
I agree. I want you to know that prayers are being answered. I had some very concentrated prayer time with several friends yesterday and prayers are being answered specifically.
Catherine--She loves Ron's touch. She loves to touch Ron and to be close to him. I couldn't wait to share that with you!
I watched them for two hours. I watched Lucey lean against Ron as she played with her toys. she would grab his hand and lead him around the room. She laughed when Adam played with her fingers. Ron got out her clothes and she held them and snuggled with them. She laughed when Ron threw her blankie on the bed. She was concerned when he walked away and she was also concerned when Adam walked away.
We prayed that we would receive the letter that her birth mom wrote when she left Lucey. We did! It's with her few things. What a gift for Lucey. She will know she was loved. She was prayed home to us. Her forever family.
I hope to have better pictures soon. Shinko, their guide, has been wonderful. She took pictures with her camera and they have been loaded on the computer. I was right there with them when Shinko arrived yesterday. We sat in on their meeting as they went over documents and signed papers. I'll say it again...Skype is amazing.
I'm going to go wake up my parents....I can't wait any longer.
Love to everyone! Thank you for your prayers!


  1. How absolutely wonderful!
    Joy! Joy! Joy!

  2. She is just absolutely beautiful! Your heart must be just bursting with pride! Now, forgive me, I must ask again, how old is she? And some of her measurements? I am trying to figure out what size clothes to take for our daughter, and was thinking of taking 18 months, mostly.
    Love the blog, and check every day for updates!

  3. I am so happy for you. Lucy is beautiful! Our prayers are with you. Make sure you are keeping up your journal Adam. Ha. Stay safe and enjoy all these wonderful moments!

    In Christ, Mrs. Heinz

  4. yeah,yeah,yeah!!!!!!
    love to you all


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