Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Home Front

We got a package today! They are so beautifully wrapped. But not as beautiful as the gifts inside. And what's inside is not nearly as beautiful as the two women who sent them to me. Thank you Catherine and Nita.

Thank you for the books Catherine...I can't wait to open them and be inspired by Brother Yun--A radical Christian who's vision is to grow the Christian Church in China and complete the Great Commission.

The boys' silver baby cups hang on the wall in a prominent place in our home. Every time we move, I always look for the perfect place to hang them. Catherine, I love the beautiful's perfect and I love the silver spoon for the handle. I can't wait to hang Lucey's cup with her brothers'-- So sweet. Nita, the Feltman Bro. smocked dress is adorable! I know it will fit Lucey perfectly. Do you know what I thought immediately after opening the package....yes, Baptism. It's perfect.

I added this crazy contraption today...yes, I hear that Lucey is quite the busy girl. Very smart and very inquisitive. We have handles like this in our house. So this kind of handle takes an expensive child lock. This is the door to our basement. It definitely needed a safety measure.
These pictures were taken with my camera phone so the quality stinks. We do have a life going on back here and I really miss my camera. So I'm settling for the phone.
We have received so many beautiful things from many beautiful people. I've been taking photos as we receive things. All of those photos are on my laptop so when the guys and Lucey get home, I'm going to share with you the lovely things Lucey has received. Since this is our family journal, and it will be made into a book, I think it will be great for Lucey to know all who showered her with love, prayers and beautiful, thoughtful things. Thank you my dear family and friends for everything.

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