Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ron's journal:

Ron has written several journal entries that I want to share with you:

Journal Entry 2: 23 FEB 09

Today we signed Adoption papers at the Civil Affairs Office and then traveled to the Notary Public Office. In addition to signing adoption papers we conducted two separate interviews on why we wanted to adopt from China. Lucey and I watched a tremendous table tennis match. Both players would talk trash to each other in Chinese and each time a player would score a point he would come over and touch Lucey’s nose as we stood on the sideline. They enjoyed her watching the game. Lucey laughed and played a lot today. We all got a very good night sleep as well.

Journal Entry 3: 24 FEB 09

Today was free of official adoption procedures. We started with a big breakfast in the hotel. Lucey loves the breakfast buffet. Her favorite foods are French Toast, Pancakes, Eggs and Watermelon. She also loves pureed prunes so you know where that lead to, yes her first big movement. She does not like pineapple. Adam wanted to visit a famous Buddhist temple today. It was a fabulous sight to see. The temple land mass was extensive and it took us most of the morning to cover all of the ancient buildings on the grounds. Buddhist Monks were eager to stop what they were doing and take pictures with us. They enjoyed seeing Lucey’s happiness. Lucey and I spent the afternoon walking in the park while Adam went shopping the local market with our guide Shinko. Lucey is starting to respond to her name and we are surprised it is happening so fast. It almost sounded like she was saying Da Da but we are not sure. We are back resting in our hotel now. Tomorrow we are going to the Panda Reserve.

Journal Entry 4: 25 Feb 09

We went to the Panda Reserve today. It was awesome and the Pandas were very active. There were about 10 black and white Chinese Pandas and quite a few Red Pandas. The Pandas climbed trees, laid on branches and ate lots of food. Bamboo and carrots seemed to be their favorite. The Red Pandas were smaller in size and put on quite a show for us. They did gymnastics, rolled on barrels and pushed carts around. The Panda Reserve officials were afraid Adam and I would think they were abusing the animals so they asked if we would be offended by the display of tricks. Of course we said we wanted to see the show. They treated the animals with lots of love and care.

We received Lucey's Official Chinese Birth Certificate and Adoption Registration Forms today. Very exciting. We receive Lucey's Passport on Friday afternoon.

Adam went shopping with Shinko our guide today. They found many articles of clothing at very reasonable prices and Adam tasted the local cuisine of noodles and Chinese dough buns with steak inside.

Lucey crawled up on Ron's chest and fell fast asleep. It was a big day with lots of activity. She really needs to be next to Ron when she is sleepy. I think I will have to make room in our bed for Little Miss Lucey Lu :-)
I'm not exactly sure what they are up to today. They must be gone because they are not answering. I hope it's a fun day!
I get to go to bed early. Maybe this is a good thing. I'll be jumping out of bed in the morning to hear all about what they did!


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