Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hills and Spills

Ron took 5 boys and their gear to the park for some amazing sledding yesterday...they had a great time. I heard the place was packed with people and an ambulance was called to take a Dad away who was really hurt. From the sounds of things, it's amazing not more people were hurt. It's probably a good thing I was not there.

"Our Andrew" and Travis waiting to go.......


Adam (in the red), Nathan and "Big Andrew"

Christian watching "Our Andrew" and Travis slide down.

Andrew and Travis--again.

Adam on the sled that his Papa made for him for Christmas when he was 5 years old. It's an oak sled that is beautifully crafted. It is always the envy of everyone sledding. He got a lot of compliments's heavy and it's fast! Adam was good to share with everyone.

(If you want to hear the video, just scroll all the way down to my music play list and turn off the sound.)

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