Friday, January 30, 2009

Max Goes To School

I took Max to school today for Adam's Oral Communications Class. Adam gave a presentation about Max and wanted him to be a part of his speech. Max was shivering but did very well. He did not make a sound. Poor thing; was a bit shy around all those High School kids. I think Adam was a bit nervous too because I was in the audience ;-). Max is very special to all of us but he was specifically prayed for by Adam. Adam explained to his class that he came to know the Lord personally because the Lord answered his prayer very specifically. Adam was in third grade and he attended a Christian school. Every morning a prayer notebook was passed around the class and the students would take turns praying for one another's requests. Adam knew that I was very against having a dog but he continued to pray for a buddy. Max was a rescued dog. We found out about him though our carpool. One day I decided to meet Max even though I really didn't want to. I fell in love immediately. You would too if you met him. He is a very loving, snuggly dog. Praise the Lord that God works in many ways to bring His loved ones close to Him. I'm proud of Adam for sharing so boldly his faith to his fellow classmates.


  1. Thank you again for bringing Max into my classroom for Adam's speech. I too was very proud of him for his willingness to speak about his faith so boldly. This is rare for his age. He is truly a blessing to have in my classroom.

    Mrs. Heinz

  2. Mrs. Heinz,

    Thank you so much for posting a comment. Adam came home and told me how nervous I made him. That's good practice! ;-) We feel the same about you. Adam loves your class and truly enjoys his time with you. You are the blessing! He tells me so. Adam has had so many school experiences and this year has been a gift to him. He told me this morning that he did not want to leave. That just tugs at my heart. We Praise the Lord for the here and now.

    I want to check out your blog!


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