Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Brave Girl...

Lucey had two surgeries last year to support a bone conduction hearing aid. Part I of the surgery was in January (2014) and part II was in May of 2014. Unilateral hearing loss can be tricky. We researched the surgery and talked to four different surgeons. We discussed it, prayed about it and ultimately decided it was in Lu's best interest to have the surgery. The surgeon and I decided together to go the conservative route and do the surgery in two parts. Part I was installation of the titanium screw. After letting the screw osseointegrate for four part II was revealing the screw and adding the abutment that the hearing aid would snap on to. 

Lucey before surgery...she loves her puppies. They all went to surgery with her. Her surgeon and anesthesiologist were a fun duo. She didn't have anything to relax her before she went into the OR. In the past, those meds made her a bit "crazy." So we decided to see how she would do without them. She did great. 

She doesn't do so well with anesthesia. I feel so bad for her when they wake her up. She gets dizzy and nauseous. Thankfully she moved through this fairly quickly.

They make sure the area is protected. Wowza! That's a dressing!

A few days later she is all set to play!

One year ago she was fitted with her Oticon Ponto Plus. (We researched all of our options and decided Oticon was the best fit for her) She got the hang of snapping it on to her abutment in no time. It works amazingly well for her. I love her little smile as she hears "differently" for the first time. She hears well. Her hearing test shows it works for her. She has not had one infection since the surgery. She cleans the abutment with a tool that looks like a tooth brush. She does a great job of caring for herself. She wears it everyday to school. It makes a huge difference. 

A few weeks ago she had a follow up with her surgeon and a hearing test. All went well....her surgeon said her abutment looks beautiful. Her hearing is good.

Would we do it again....absolutely. No regrets! 


  1. Thanks for posting about this. We have gone back and fourth about Zoe having this surgery. I may have questions for you in the future.

  2. Jen, If you have any questions, let me know...I'd be happy to share our experience. It's such a big decisions.


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