Friday, June 26, 2015

Lucey Update

It's been 6 years and 4 months of wonderful! I can't imagine life without our sweet Lucey. She is easy to love, to hold, to be with. She has blessed our entire family. She is light and love. She turned 8 years old a few weeks ago. I can't believe it! She was not quite 21 months old on the day she became forever ours. Lucey has...

....moved 8 times in her young life...(8 that we know of).
....has had 5 surgeries.
....has been enrolled in 6 schools.
....this summer she will travel to St. Louis for the 5th time--to see her cranio-facial team.

She is my hero...she teaches me so much about resilience, patience, perseverance....

"I am the lucky one!" Those of you who have adopted know what I am referring to. ;-)

Holding Lucey for the first time. March 2009. 

Lucey's 8th birthday.

A Family update....

Last summer we moved for the 17th time. This summer is the first summer in 5 summers I will not be moving our family. It feels great! We are putting in landscape instead of organizing for a move. I can actually plan for fun. So far this summer has been pretty great. 

I have always loved blogging....i have missed it. If you are reading this....I am shocked. I can't imagine anyone comes here anymore. If you are reading this....thank you for stopping by! 


  1. I'm still reading and so glad to see an update! Lucey is beautiful. We too find it rare to go a summer without a PCS. We just moved into our 17th house and hopefully last until the kids are thru college. Such is the life of retirees (still working of course).

    1. Hi Andrea, Blogger has changed so much since I've been on here...I had to adjust my settings to reply to the thread. I wanted you to know I saw your message! Thank you! Oh, and you have moved a lot!!!

  2. Andrea, I've thought about you over the last few years....or however long it's been since I lost touch. I'm so very sorry! I toted your Christmas card around with me for a long time. It sounds like we have moved about the same amount of times. So you are settled? Retirement for us, less than a year. Ron is ready to hang up his boots. It's good. God is so very good. We are on the final stretch. Thank you for reaching out! --Beth

  3. And thank you for the sweet compliment...all her new teeth coming in...wowza!

  4. Thanks for the updates! I definitely check in every now and then and was curious how everything has been after the last move

    1. Thank you, Jen....with each move it's been more challenging for me. Everyone else seems to adapt and move forward quickly. I'm thankful that we are staying put for awhile. Maybe for a long while. We love it here on Florida.


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