Monday, December 12, 2011

Play Me some Songs You're The Piano Men...

Moving means starting over with a new piano instructor (of course we start fresh with every service we need but let's not go there). We are blessed with Mr. K. He is the neighborhood teacher. He goes from house to house every afternoon on Mondays and Tuesdays. We have him on Tuesday right after school for an hour. He is straight forward, he is kind and he expects much. The boys and he really gel. I love that it's one activity that I don't have to drive the boys to.

The boys were very prepared for their December 4th recital. There were 21 students performing. What a treat to hear what everyone had been working on. I knew some of my neighbors and others I met for the first time. We enjoyed a nice reception afterwards.

Andrew's back :-) That's the best I could do. He played Vivace by Carulli.

Christian's song was a little longer and he needed Mr. K. to turn his page for him. He played Song of Kilimanjaro by Faber.

We sat in the front row and Lucey did well but she was tired....she looked like she could use a nap.

Mr K. with Andrew-left and Christian-right.

So had to stage a few photos....Andrew!


Christian was being a little silly. They had a good time especially since there was a lot of food!

I love this picture! Just missing Adam! By the way....Adam comes home on December 18th... We are counting down the days. Not too much longer!

We had one stop to make on the way home and Lucey was happy to be snuggled up in her car seat.


  1. Hi Beth! I'm so glad to hear from you, thanks for all the sweet comments! You've been busy, in a very festive way! :)
    Congrats to the boys on their recital, I'm sure it was beautiful music to your ears!
    Lucey is always dressed so cute. :)

  2. Such a blessing that the boys take piano and have another wonderful teacher! I know they play beautifully!!! Precious Lucey!!! Blessings and love!!! XO


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