Sunday, December 11, 2011

Balls Galore!!

This year, we were invited to 4 + Balls....I think that is an all time record. Ron accepted invitations to two of them and they happened to fall within 6 days of one another.

The first Ball was the Post Commanders St. Barbara's Day Ball. I did a little more to prepare for this one. I was in need of a dress so I ordered 3 from two on-line stores. I modeled them for my family and they chose the Charcoal Taffeta, one shouldered gown. I was able to get it altered and picked up the evening of the Ball. That's cutting it close. Ron had been on a business trip to New York and I was juggling The Troops, solo. This time of year is so busy for everyone.

I love this picture taken by my friend and neighbor with her iPhone.

Our friends and Neighbors-- Tracy and Bill. On a side note: Our moving company and their moving company arrived on the same day this past summer and we found out we both were coming from Kansas and our boys knew each other from Boy Scouts. What a great way to start our tour here. Tracy and I spent the week sending texts to one another and running back and forth from her house to my house and back to give opinions on our dresses, accessories, hair...etc.... We had a good time.

The Grog Bowl's fun and each ingredient has a specific meaning. It's a very strong concoction. I did not partake. ;-)

The Army Band and Bagpipe ensemble played all night. What a treat.

Our Twin Boys, A and C, volunteered with their Boy Scout Troop checking coats. I loved having them close by. They are getting so tall.

I love this picture of them with their Dad.

Six Days later, on Dec. 9th--We went to the 6th Air Defense Artillery Brigade Ball. Last week was another very busy week so I really didn't have time to think about what I was going to wear. Friday was a full day--I gave myself 20 minutes to throw on an old dress (thank goodness it I could get away without it being steamed) and re-freshen my make-up and off we went. We had a great time.

We met a new couple sitting to the left of us. They were kind to snap this shot of us.

Here we are in front of the same Christmas Tree where we stood just 6 days prior (At the Patriot Club). Another great event. Instead of dancing like we did the week before....we investing our time in meeting new people. We met an amazing couple who happens to live down the street. They are from the Canadian Army. They are special. Have a feeling we will be seeing more of them.

This is a touching; The Fallen Soldier Table.
A sad part of military etiquette -- honoring service members who have fallen in the line of duty. Remembering them honors their sacrifice and that of their families. It also underscores the importance of the commitment to duty made by the living.

Each article placed on the table has special, symbolic meaning. To name a few-- salt representing the tears shed;the lemon is a reminder of their bitter fate; one red rose symbolizing the blood that may have been shed for the sacrifice of freedom......the young Soldier was very reverent. His hand shook as he gently placed the item on the table. It is our reality. Also notice to the left....the PWO/MIA Flag.


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous… I love the charcoal dress it was breath taking!

  2. You look beautiful at both balls! We've had none of the pageantry since getting out of squadron life. Although it is an expense and sometimes a hassle, I'll secretly admit I miss it. ;-)

  3. You both are a gorgeous couple!!! XOXO

  4. How fun, you both look gorgeous! I love that "old" brown dress, it's gorgeous and you look stunning!

  5. Oh and the charcoal dress, wow, what a stunner and I can see why your family chose it! Gorgeous! What a lovely couple.


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