Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lucey's Big Girl Bed

February 5

We moved Lucey into a big girl bed and out of her crib. She was more than ready. She has been night time trained (no pull-ups) since last year some time and she was telling us, "I need a big girl bed so I can go to the bathroom at night." She would call us on the monitor at night to let us know her needs. She actually sleeps all night now and on the occasion she has to "go," she still calls us from her bed.

I love this "cutie petutie" picture of her getting ready to leave for ballet class.

The big girl bed. We used one of the twin bunks sitting in our basement. I looked all over for a bed for her and thought....why not use what we have. The room is still not complete not knowing if we were moving or not. I think we are staying so I need to add some drapes and re hang her pictures. The moving/staying part...for another post. Now that has been one crazy roller coaster ride. And oh, she has already had one major nose bleed on this bedding. A trip to the commercial machine and some bleach did the trick!!! Thankfully.

She loves all her little treasures....she is all girls and loves to have them displayed.

I am going to hang these toile prints about the dresser. I'd like to paint the dresser too. The dresser used to belong to the twins.

This water color came from my dear friend's antique store....Thank you, Bunny!!! I had it re-framed and it now hangs above Lucey's bed. A beautiful touch.

Our girl is growing up!

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  1. Lucey's room is beautiful~ I know she loves it!!! :)


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