Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Digging The Dinos

My cousin Emily and her adorable twin boys are in town for Thanksgiving. We met up with them on Monday at the T-Rex Cafe. That's quite a place. The kiddos had fun digging for dinosaur bones.

I got in there too....these three were very serious about their find.

We could have spent hours doing this activity.

We sifted for fossils. Lucey found something from the deep sea.

Aunt Clare was also there too!

Lucey has her chart ready to help identify her fossils.

We found quite a few goodies.

Then off through the old mine.

There is Emily leading the way.

Evan, Asher and Lucey. What a cute trio. Lucey loves her cousins.

We enjoyed lunch with the dinosaurs, planets, meteor showers and these gigantic bugs.

Cousin Heather joined us for lunch. (Ron came for a little bit too but I didn't get a picture of him...darn!) Lucey felt very comfortable with her. Heather showed her all the beautiful fish.

Last stop---Building a dinosaur.

The boys each chose a Mastodon.

Lucey chose the only pink dinosaur...of course.

Giving the heart to the "technician." or what ever this person is called who makes these kids so happy.

A hug to see if her new dinosaur is fluffy enough. It was perfect!

Bath time and a quick brush.

What a fun day. Lucey and I really enjoyed ourselves and being with family made it just that much more special. We will be moving in 6 months. :-( I will miss my family so much. It has been such a blessing to live so close....and for Lucey who has been wrapped in love by everyone.

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  1. we had a WONDERFUL time with all of you!!! wish i could've seen the boys... evan and asher looked through the pictures with me and had HUGE grins an their faces. they love playing with lucey.
    plan on seeing you at least one more time before you move.
    xoxo, em


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