Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Homecoming for Adam

On January 30th, Adam took a good friend, Sarah, to Winter Homecoming. Because Adam is a day student at a boarding school and drives 20 miles one way to get there, we went with Adam's wishes and did not follow him to meet Sarah--she lives in the dorms. Thankfully, one of the parents is a professional photographer and she took lovely photos that evening. Sarah and Adam made a handsome couple.

My tall handsome boy.

I had to sneak in a photo with my guy...I'm a little under dressed wouldn't you say.

I took this picture out of he really pulling out of the drive way and driving off?

I keep asking myself this question, "How did we get here?" "Why is Adam so grown up?" Is it just me or do you ask yourself these same questions when you look at your children?

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