Monday, January 11, 2010

The 5th Winter Storm of Winter 2009-2010

Last week we had our 5th winter storm. It started on Wednesday; Adam's first day back after winter break. At about 11:00, Adam was released from class so he could drive home safely. Adam, Andrew and Christian did not have school on Thursday or Friday. The roads were pretty bad. We were stuck here....I mean stuck! Ron was out of town so we just hibernated. Played games and watched movies. Our family has a new favorite game....Pent*go...we love it!!! I highly recommend it for your family! You can take a peek at it here. It has won all sorts of awards.

Christian went out to shovel without being asked. It's was such a huge task. The other boys also took turns but we still have snow on our drive. We have had extremely cold temperatures hovering between 0-10 degrees. We are having a heat wave today at 26 degrees. on Wednesday we may get temps near 40!!! Wouldn't that be great!

Everyone is in school today!

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