Friday, December 18, 2009

A Little Christmas Decor

I'm finally getting our home decorated for Christmas. It seems it has taken me so much longer this's been a process. I love this time of year so today, I'm just fine with how long it has taken me to get things in place. Ron, The boys, and Lucey are my true treasures and they have needed attention. The rest will fall into place.

My favorite store, Nell Hill's, is a place I'm able to stop into frequently since Adam goes to school right down the street. A few days ago, after I picked Adam up, I ran in to see if there were any good deals and I spied this beautiful glass, etched jar. It was a great deal. With the glass looks so festive.

I do love glass ornaments and use them here in my bubbled glass bowl.

This year we picked out a Fraser Fir. It's so perfect that guests have asked if it was real. The boys love to decorate the tree and they absolutely love all the ornaments that tell a story.

We have a traditional star on the top of our tree. I love the reminds me of how much we are loved by our Lord. It represent the star that the wise men followed to see Baby Jesus. It represents the hope of mankind.

The ornaments that tell a story...we have a lot of photos on our tree. My Mom does the same and I have taken on that same tradition. I just love looking at photos from the past. They are so special and they tug at my heart. This family photo was taken as we were leaving behind Ft. Campbell. A time in our lives when we had to be strong....those three years were spent in pre-deployment, a year long absence from Ron while he served in Iraq and post deployment. They were three long years filled with tangible blessings. There are several "military" ornaments that H*llmark made. My kids are crazy about these. "Soldier Santa" repelling, The Humvee Santa that I wrote Ron's call number on....we have many like these.

We have traditional glass balls and ribbon. Boy, our tree is very eclectic.

"Our stockings were hung by the chimney with care".....oh yea, we don't have a fireplace. As you know, I'm struggling a bit with this house. My Dad made this mantle shelf one year and I'm using it to hang our stockings on....and we have 6 this year! Wonderful!

Andrew and Christian made these darling Santa's in art class this year. They are so precious! I have found the perfect spot to display them. I think they are quite good.

Lucey has not had a proper nap this week. Poor little thing has been dragged all over the place catching a few winks here and there. This day....she is tired! When she puts her arm behind her head this means she is really tired. (I love that she has her little clues and I know what they are!) I DVR'd Dora and that is what she is watching as I snapped this photo.

I think she could drift off at any moment.
Today we were in Andrew and Christian's class for their Christmas party. Lucey loves being with the kids and all the kids come running over when they see Lucey. Especially the girls. They all tell her how adorable she is. No one ever points out her deformity....I just love that about A and C's class. It's a precious little class of 16 kids. We had a sweet time this afternoon. I was the Mom who brought the grapes....there needed to be a little healthy mixed with a little junk.

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