Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let's Celebrate!

I feel like a weight has been lifted. There is still quite a bit to do but it's all the fun stuff. A few more gifts to purchase and presents to wrap. I can go shopping and enjoy myself and wrap at my leisure. School is out for the boys and all 3 ended strong.
This was Friday morning and Adam was off to take his last Final. He was concerned since it was a tough class for him...Algebra II. He received a B on his final! "Way to go Adam! "You worked hard for that." He had a few teacher gifts to deliver so he decided to wear an old Santa hat to school.

I'm going to brag a little....Adam received the highest grade in the school on is college history exam....98.3%. He called me after his exam and said, "I owned that test!." I believe he did. His teacher gave him a well deserved pat on the back.
A wife of one of Ron's Soldier's put together this beautiful box of goodies for our family. It is such a lovely presentation and she made all the goodies that were inside. A lot of time and energy was spent in the kitchen, I can tell...Thank you so much! We are enjoying every single morsel.

We had the pleasure of having our dear friend's, The Coleman's, come for a visit yesterday. Shea and I go back 11 years when life seemed a bit more simple. Our back yards met...the guys took the fence down between our homes so we could run back and forth. Andrew and Christian were only 6 months old when we became neighbors. She helped me a lot in those days. We laughed a lot. We have moved so many times since then and they have too. It was so great to snuggle in with their family. They brought one of their furry friends too....Hershey.

Andy and Ron are having quite the conversation....animation and all. They always pick up where they left off. They have an ongoing rivalry....Andy is a die-hard KU fan and Ron is a die-hard Mizzou fan. Andy must be reliving some play of some game. :-)

Shea always comes with bags or boxes full of gifts. She is such a generous person and I do believe this must be her love language. She has great taste...I'm such a lucky girl! She brought me the most beautiful plaid tafetta dress made by a well known fit me perfect and I can't wait to wear it out on the town. Thank you, Shea! Isn't this navity for Lucey just darling.

Lucey is modeling one of the sweaters from's adorable!

Lucey is wearing the most precious sweater dress (also by the same designer as my new dress) fits her perfect.

The guys! When the boys were little, Shea and I would drive to the beach together every summer. We would load up all the kids and hit the road in her minivan. We had so much fun on those trips. The boys have grown so much. The three eldest are men.
Thank you for spending the day with us. It was like old times. The laughter was the best part!

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