Friday, August 7, 2009

The Butler Bunch

My very special friend, Veronique, came with her beautiful family all the way from Germany...we have been friends for over 20 years. Because she lives across the ocean, we do not get to see one another very often. It had been 4 years! We were blessed that they would want to spend part of their vacation with us. Kevin could not come until the end of the stay, he was in Atlanta taking care of family business. His Mother passed away a few weeks earlier. Kevin, we are so sorry for your loss. I'm so glad we got to see you for a little bit.

Veronique with Baby Lena....what a doll. Our first time meeting the newest Butler.

Lena let me hold her! Ahhhh, I just loved it. She warmed up to me!

I took the girls to the playground while Lena took a nap....Lucey wants to be just like Lydia. Lydia is 6 and has grown up so much. She is a cutie pie.

Henri, the eldest Butler kiddo. Andrew, Christian and Henri had such a great time together. We didn't see them much....they were off and running. In the photo....Henri, Lydia and Christian.

Without talking it over, Veronique and I had bought the kids matching outfits. Today, they wore my outfits. The girls in plaid, the boys in their beach T.'s.

Veronique outfitted the girls in these adorable Gymb*ree dresses. Lucey has a new bow and look at her matching socks. I just love it. The boys all in matching P*lo shirts. It was very sunny that day!
Thank you so much Bunny, for the great outfits!

Kevin flew in this's was so great to see you Kevin. All of us minus Adam.....Adam is flying back to K.C. this evening.

Adam's back.....He towers over his Aunt Bunny and Uncle Kevin. Adam was their ring bearer back when he was two. It really doesn't seem that long ago. Aunt Bunny brought Adam his own stash of butter cookies. Adam looks forward and absolutely loves Aunt B.'s cookies. Thank you Aunt Bunny!

Adam and Lydia. I wished they could have spent more time together. Lydia just loved Adam. She waited so patiently for his return. She asked me numerous times if she could talk to him on the phone and when was he going to return. So cute!
We miss you, Butler Bunch!!! We won't go another 4 years without seeing you! Absolutely not! I promise! Thank you for coming and spending time with us.

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  1. So nice to see some familiar faces! Looks like you all had a wonderful visit. Lena has gotten so big!


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