Sunday, May 17, 2009

Little Bits Of This And That

Adam's spring concert was last night. I'm so impressed with the talent of these young people. They have improved a lot since they last performed at Christmas time. They played such beautiful music and ended with each of the armed forces songs. I felt right at home.

Adam is right in the center of this picture.

Adam's music director announced each of the three students who are leaving at the end of the school year. Adam is standing up to be acknowledged.

Just a random photo.
Earlier in the day, Lucey and I had a great time on a girls outing.

We met my friend Jeanne and her daughter, Megan, for lunch and shopping. I really enjoyed myself.

Isn't Megan just beautiful.

Lucey was busy coloring her menu. She was so good at lunch.

Taking a stroll around the Galleria.

I think the girls were singing together and sharing hair clips at this point. They were great little shoppers. Thank you Jeanne and Megan for such a fun afternoon!

Lucey Lu's silly personality. I got a call on Friday afternoon from the Geneticist telling me that Lucey has a slight curvature of the spine. It's something that we need to keep an eye on. So that's all we need to do. We are praising God that she doesn't have something more serious like missing vertebrae or a fused vertebrae which can happen with her syndrome. After talking to the geneticist, it does appear that Lucey has something a little more complicated than Hemifacial Microsomia. At a later time I will try and explain what the doctor explained to me. We are not going to do anything different because of it. We are going to proceed as planned. It's the way God made Lucey and we are just going to move forward and love Lucey through her journey. Thank you again for the many prayers. Lucey's test results are very good!

Lucey is learning math along with the boys....ha! Okay, she just wanted to be a part of our school day. Christian was so kind to hold her on his lap as I explained the new lesson.

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