Sunday, April 19, 2009

We Have Been Showered

We have received even more beautiful gifts. It is so evident that each gift has been hand picked with love and care. We just can't say thank you enough--it's overwhelming.

From: Emily-- my cousin-- who also happens to have twins boys and some other similarities ;-)

Emily, we have never read this book before. We love it!!! I know, in time, Lucey will love it just as much as your boys. We are working with her to sit and enjoy some quiet time with a good book. She's getting there. I am reading the, Does Anybody Else Look Like Me? book that you sent. It has given me pause....some things to think about that I may have not considered. Wonderful insight! Thank you again, Emily--it meant so much.

From : Meredith--The -- "Let me sit at your feet at a Military Coffee" Friend. We have been friends for about 13 years and Ron and I are Godparents to their sweet daughter, Brooks.

Meredith, this is Lucey's first Bible. Meredith had her name engraved on the pink, leather cover. It's just beautiful. This is extra special for reasons I won't share here. Thank you Meredith.
From: The Dunns--Our next door neighbors whom we think so much of. We will really miss them when we move. Our boys all get along so well. I just wished we had more time to spend together.

Chera, this is one of my favorite verses...."Rejoice in the Lord Always...: Pilippians 4:4. How can we not Rejoice....The Lord was so good and so faithful through this journey of bringing Lucey Lu home. This beautiful piece of art is hanging in her room. Lucey Lu's Chinese name means perfect!!!

From: Aunt Clare and Uncle Vic--They live in Kansas City so we look forward to seeing them more often. They have 6 Grandchildren of their own. They could write a Grandparenting book. That's just how good they are. I know Lucey will love you.

Lucey's Nana (my Mom) reading the Brown Bear Book to Lucey.

Aunt Clare and Uncle Vic--Thank you for such a sweet little sweater. Lucey has worn in several times and looks like a little doll in it. I love the butterfly and flower detail on it. There is a little tiny bumble bee on the back shoulder. Thank you for the Brown Bear Book---a wonderful classic.
From: The Panka's--Very special friends of my parents. They go back almost 50 years...could that be right? They were very young when they met!!! They have been through a lot together...babies, weddings, grandchildren they travel the world together.

Verna, I know you picked this out! Isn't it the sweetest. Lucey has worn it several times. 18 months fits her very well. Thank you so much for thinking of us. I hope that you can meet Lucey Lu someday. I miss our trips to Prairie.

From: The Lake Family--Ron's cousins who happen to live about an hour from us. This family (I'm talking about 50 plus people) came into our lives only about 15 years ago. What an incredible blessing they have been to us. I can't imagine them not being a part of our lives. Ron wells up every time he spends time with them. They are the kindest people. I know, if I ever needed something, they would help me without even having to think about it.
Forgive me....these gifts came from several groups of families. Ron was all confused when he arrived home-- forgetting who gave us what....His time with you that evening meant so much!

I think I do know....that the little knitted place mat came from a very special someone named I right? We have it on Lucey's dresser in a very special place. Thank you!!!
What a very darling outfit!!! I love the floral detail on the pants and the hat...well, she looks so sweet in it!

We all love these blocks...we play with them all the time. They are great for Lucey's motor skills. Lucey loves musical toys and this little book is just perfect. It travels well too so we take it along with us on the road.

This Easter Basket is so darn cute. We love bunnies! I really should take a picture of Lucey wearing the sun glasses. She wears them all the's really cute because they sit crooked on her face because of her "mini" ear being so low. Lucey doesn't care, she wears them anyway...with a big smile on her face. We Love It!!! More hair bows! Yippee! She also enjoyed the bubbles....her first bubbles. I really need to video tape her more.

The baby was a big hit. We have been working on "rock the baby" "feed the baby" etc... I'm quite sure she never had a baby doll before. She really gets into it.
Thank you so much.....for everything!! (I also think there were some Cardinal tickets too....whoohoo...I hope it's not too late to let you know the game we want to go to...Ron will be calling!)

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