Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break

April 5- April 10

Spring Break in Branson, MO


We spent 1 1/2 days at Silver Dollar City. What a fun time! The first day was beautiful! The second day, rainy and chilly. That's okay, we really wanted to see the shows on the rainy day. The park was pretty empty. They were celebrating the world while we were there. The American Flag and the China Flag were right next to one another.

We took Max along. This picture taken inside our condo.

Me with Christian in red and Andrew in blue. (Max too)

Lucey fell asleep sitting on Ron's lap.

Here we are riding the tram in the rain. Lucey truly enjoys each and every new experience. It's amazing to us. She loved the rain.

We took her on a dark inside ride. I really thought she would be frightened. No, she loved it!

Relaxing with Adam. It's just about bath time.

Our Children. Boy, do I love this picture. Who would have ever thought we would have 4 kids. God sure knows the plans for us....I didn't have a clue.
I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11
I'm sure, someday, Lucey will resonate with this verse....our boys will too. Ron and I do right at this moment. It's hard not to get emotional as I stare into the faces of our amazing children. I never thought I would have many kids or that I would be a good Mom. I'm humbled that God thought differently about me.
Lucey was all smiles as she toddled around after a long day at SDC.

Andrew and Christian taking a cruise on a mini roller coaster. Hey--our kids are not big on roller coasters....that's okay.

Andrew and Lucey....Lucey having another snack. She is snack girl and I have to have plenty with us.

My first born, Adam....He reminds me of how short I really am.
Taking a break and waiting for Andrew and Christian as they ride the coaster again and again...the mini one ;-)

I love this picture of our sweet girl.

Adam talked Ron into going on this "thing" goes back and forth and spins....this really doesn't look comfortable....especially for the guys.

I think Lucey may be our "dare devil." She loved the Froggy Ride. IT went up and down. Poor Ron, his knees barely fit.

This was Lucey's first ride, ever! She loved it!!! I'm so happy I could take her. We went around and up and down. She smiled the whole time.

Here we go!

Ahhhhh, now that is a very cute face--Christian

The Tucker Troops at Silver Dollar City

Shopping at the outlet mall.

Lucey taking a sip out of her juice box. Thank goodness she has learned how to drink from a sippy cup in recent days.

We had breakfast with Mark Twain. This guy has a real entertaining show. He was so funny! We also learned a lot about Mark Twain and his life. We also learned a lot about Norman Rockwell.

It was chilly for a few days and Lucey has to wear her hat and mittens. Her hands are so tiny and they get cold very an ice cube. Thank goodness she gets a kick out of her mittens.

We were watching, Dancing With The Stars. Lucey loves the music and she is twirling with Daddy.

Dinner in the condo---"Sitting with the Big Boys."

Hanging out in the condo---We had such a nice time. We really needed this time together. Ron is gone all of April (except for the time in Branson). We have several appointments coming up for Lucey which will keep me busy. May is going to be super busy with getting ready to move and all the other things that happen in May.

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