Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Been Awhile!

I've been working on updating our blog. We have so much to share and many new pictures. Lucey Lu is doing great! Every day we see huge changes in her. She is very happy and can be quite silly. She loves giving hugs and kisses to us and we all melt. Today, we have a group of professionals coming from Early Intervention. We have speech, developmental, physical and occupational therapists coming to evaluate Lucey. I'm eager to hear what they have to say. Next week we have an appointment with the International Adoption clinic at Children's Hosp. On May 1--Lucey meets with the Cranio-Facial team and the surgeon working with her. Sometime before that appointment, Lucey will have a CT scan of her skull to see how underdeveloped her face is. I don't look forward to these visits. For the CT scan. She will have to be sedated. :-( Next week she will have to have a lot of blood work. :-( Please pray we both get through this. Ron is my "go with the kids for shots and blood work Guy. I can't remember the last time I took kids to get blood work.)
We have had company...a beautiful family from Michigan who happen to be Ron's cousins. We so enjoyed their visit. I'll be posting pictures soon. We spent Spring Break in Branson...just the 6 of us. We really needed that family time. Ron had been gone to Indiana and we wanted to have some quiet time before he left again for his Commanders Course. Our Easter was lovely. We had Nana and Papa join us. Again--I'll have all of our pictures posted soon.
I still need to update everyone on Lucey's appointment with the plastic surgeon and what he said about her future care. I'm still trying to understand all that it entails.
The boys are keeping me busy. I'm feeling more like Tucker Taxi Service. Yesterday I was in and out of my car so many times I lost track. Lucey had her first Mommy and Me gymnastics class. She LOVED it!!!! So did I! The twins has tennis lessons. Adam had play practice (he is in his school production of Oklahoma.) He also had tutoring last night.
We are moving in 6 weeks--that's been on my mind. ;-) (Sure would be nice to have a home to move into...that's another story...I know the Lord will provide...He always does.)
I have so many to thank. We feel incredibly blessed by all of your support and those who are sending sweet, thoughtful notes and gifts to Lucey. Thank you so much for thinking of us and keeping us in your payers. Our journey has been blessed with such huge support. My heart is filled with so much gratitude.
Ron is gone (He'll be home on May 1st) so please be patient with me. Check back soon! The next entry will be less scattered.
Love and God's Blessings to all--
Beth and The Troops
Oh, I can't post this without including a few pictures!
We met up with Michelle and her wonderful group (Amber, Aaron, Asher, Abagail and Anna). They are an amazing family and she blessed my day and brought me to tears as we met up with them, Tuesday, for the first time since bringing our babies home from China. They were in China while Ron and Adam were there. They met up in Guangzhou. They had met Lucey but I had not met Anna Grace. Thank you, Michelle, for taking such great pictures and spending time with us. It was wonderful!

Anna let me hold her. She is just adorable. She and Lucey are about 4 months apart in age. Lucey loved being with her "sisters." She was a little shy but she wanted me to have Anna on my lap too. She followed Anna as she crawled around. I can't wait to get the girls together again. My boys also enjoy their company. Our kids are all about the same age.

Lucey Lu and Anna Grace

Lucey and Abagail (Abagail will be three in July)

Check back soon.....

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  1. I am quite impressed that with all the things happening in your life, you found a few minute to update. Of course, I find that when life is overwhelming and I have a million things to do, that is the best time to sit down and get caught up on reading everyone's blogs! - lol! (Actually, I work best with deadlines, and you probably do too.)

    I'm glad your family enjoyed a trip to Branson. We vacationed there a few years ago (2000?), and really had a good time.

    I will pray for Lucey's diagnosis and treatment plan. One of our daughters has had multiple surgeries for her spina bifida, and sometimes the information and decisions have been just overwhelming. She is such a lovely little girl, and I hope everything goes well.


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