Friday, April 17, 2009

I Love Gymnastics

I was a serious gymnast back in the day. In fact, back then the levels were different. I was a Class I gymnast and spent as much time in the gym as my parents would let me. I ate, breathed and lived for gymnastics. It was my life. I started coaching at 15 and have coached for about 20 years on an off. When our twins were born 11 years was impossible to be in the gym in the afternoons. I really miss coaching. My wonderful cousin, Kathy, has three girls who take gymnastics. Two of them are competitive gymnasts so I have been living through them over the past few years. I was so happy to see Jessie compete today. She did very well--I'm so proud of her.

Jessie is getting ready to salute and mount the bars.

Look at that beautiful form.

Lucey went with us. Kara, my Goddaughter, is so good with Lucey. They sat together the first half of the meet.

Here I am with my cousin Kathy and two of her beautiful little cousins...Jessie and Kara.

Here I am with Uncle Paul...Kathy's Dad who drove with Kathy and the girls from Kansas City. We'll see more of you Uncle Paul when we move to Kansas. We will be living about 20 min. from you. We're looking forward to that!

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