Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lucey Lu and Max--It's a Process

This morning, this is about as close as Lucey wanted to be to Max. She loves Max from a distance and laughs when she sees him but she can't be on the floor with him. So we have to keep that in mind constantly.

Oops--too close!
This evening, she was able to touch the block that was sitting on Max. She still wouldn't actually touch Max. Poor Max. He is doing so well and being very patient. He sits in the back yard a lot. He sits in the laundry room. While Lucey sits in her high chair, he is out. We rotate Max around the house or we hold Lucey so Max can walk around freely.

Lucey is sitting in her high chair and I have max in my lap. I'm petting him, kissing him and talking sweetly to him. She thinks he is pretty neat....from afar. :-) Someday they will be friends.

Random photos from today....
Here she is, first thing this morning after spending the night in her crib. She made it! She was up at 6:30 a.m. Not bad. She loves puzzles and blocks.

"I did it!"

She took her nap this afternoon in her crib. She slept for about 1 1/2 hours. Andrew is sitting with her as she has a little snack while I finish my shower.

Sitting with the big boys.

Ron and Lucey Lu still having some jet lag. I came home from picking up Adam from tennis practice and this is what I found. Two very tired people.

I hope Lucey sleeps well tonight....she's in her crib. She went to sleep very easily this evening.


  1. love your snapshots. especially the one with everyone out in the garage on the lawn chairs and the one of Ron and Lucey napping. Glad she's doing well.. Been thinking about you guys. Love you Sis!

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! She will adapt super fast and will bring so much joy to your family. She is tiny just like our little sweetie!

    Candi (Mom to a Fujian princess)

  3. Hi Jen--

    Thanks for checking in! It's busy with little miss Lucey Lu. She is so much fun! I just LOVE her!!! I can't wait for you and Rob to come over and see her. We will make a plan. Love you!

    Hi Candi-- Thank you for stopping by. Lucey is joy. In fact, her name in China means "Joyful" I thought that was so neat. Is Fujian Princess tall? I'm not sure what to make of Lucey's height. Her little bone structure is soooo tiny. The orphanage director told Ron that people from Wuyishan tend to be very tiny people.


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