Monday, February 9, 2009

It's Here! It's Here!

We just got the phone call we've been waiting for -- The Travel Approval arrived! Can you hear me? I just let out a huge sigh of relief. Our agency is working on a consulate appointment right now. I should be able to book the flights soon. It is looking good for leaving next week....maybe the 19th? That is our hope. I'll explain more about the travel in my next post. Until then...I'm re-posting pictures of our sweet girl. Please keep her in your prayers. She looks so happy. We are getting ready to turn her world upside down. I get teary thinking about it. It's the one part of the trip that Ron worries about....taking Lucey away from all she knows. We hope she feels our love right away.

Lucey Lu's referral picture: 9 months

Lucey at 11 months

The last photo we received. Lucey at 15 months.
"Happy girl!"


  1. HUzzah!!!!!!!!!!
    thinking very positive thoughts for you, my dear friend.
    Love and light

  2. Lucey is a beautiful girl, I hope you get your CA soon to go pick that beauty up. Looks like you and your family have been waiting awhile to hold that precious one.


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