Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Guys and Lucey in Guangzhou

Journal Entry 7: 28 Feb. 09

Yea! We are in Guangzhou! Lucey had her first flight ever and she did great! She loved the stomach drop feeling when the plane landed. Our hotel room is absolutely gorgeous! Lucey is enjoying the spacious accommodations. The shopping in Guangzhou is fabulous. Great prices and variety are available. There are adopting parents everywhere. We ate dinner with the Garey family tonight at a restaurant called Lucy's. Other families recognized Adam and I from following Beth's Blog. It is very interesting to hear people say your the father and son who are adopting when you have never met or spoke with them before. We are going to visit the Guangzhou Zoo tomorrow with other adopting families. Talk with you all tomorrow after the Zoo visit.

Ron, Lucey and Shinko.
Ron and Adam have had so much fun with Shinko. Shinko will be going to Beijing soon to be with our friends. Michelle--the guys can't wait to see you and your family. I thought it would be neat if Abigail, Anna and Lucey could pose on the red couch together. I'll be praying for a safe trip for you and that Anna will do well on the flight. Take care of yourselves.

Lucey loving the magazine. So much to look at.

Shopping in Guangzhou. So much to choose from. Ron sent me so many pictures of things he thought I would like and has asked me to make some choices based on what he sent. He has found some beautiful dresses for Lucey.

Lucey is being strolled through the shops. She loves the stroller. A kind shop owner has loaned this one to Ron for the week. Once again, Praise the Lord--there has been so much kindness poured upon my guys and Lucey.
If any R.Q. people are out there and you see my guys...introduce yourselves. They would love to meet you.

Click on the arrow and see a little clip of Lucey enjoying her magazine. :-)

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