Saturday, December 6, 2008

Two Boys and a Ginger Bread House

I had to take a step back and let them make this house together in their own way. I have to say, it may not have been my way--I like everything in perfect neat rows--but they showed great team work and a quickness about them. They were all about getting it done and getting it done efficiently. Andrew typically works in a quick fashion. I think that Christian had to keep up or he would have missed the opportunity to get his fare share done. Of course they kept wanting to eat the candy along the way.

The boys are ready! "Can we start?"

Taking turns with the bag of frosting. "Okay---let me try!"

They each decorated a side.

Doing the happy dance...."We did it, it looks great!" "Can we eat it?"

The finished product. It's still sitting on the shelf. They forgot about wanting to eat it.

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