Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Little Lucey Lu

Lucey Lu is 18 months old today.....It breaks my heart that she is not here with us. This journey to her seems to be dragging at this point. I have had some very sweet people give me encouragement as I wait on the Lord's perfect timing.

The piece of music that you are listening to is called "Breath of Heaven." My dear friend, Jeanne, sent this email at just the right time.....Jeanne, your timing was perfect and I really connected to the song. I love Amy Grant. It made me teary too. Thank you!

Hi Beth,

This morning at bible study, one of the women sang the song "Breath of Heaven" by Amy Grant. I thought of you and how you're getting a little discouraged waiting for Lucey to arrive. I thought I'd send you the lyrics (and if you know how to play it on the computer from another site, you should!). I actually have it on one of my old CD's. It's a beautiful song, and even though it's about Mary carrying Jesus, I thought it could be about us adoptive parents waiting and trusting in God and knowing He will send her when it is time. He is with you as you wait! I especially like the part where is says "hold me together". I know waiting just breaks you apart, but you know God will hold you together while waiting! And God chose you to be Lucey's Mom and you trust in his plan!

Enjoy (and cry if you want - a bunch of us did while this woman, blessed with a beautiful voice, sang this song!)

Thank you again have been a gift to me on this faith journey to Lucey.


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