Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snow Princess

It snowed on Sunday night. We woke up to about a 2 inch layer of the best snow to make a snow ball with. Little miss Lu could not wait to make a snowman. Or should I say snow princess. We went to her room and found the accessories. Isn't she beautiful. :-)
This little snow princess is most beautiful! Rolling the ball of snow.
Very heavy!
Just about complete....the pink gloves made the outfit! See above photo.

"I've fallen and I can't get up!" Our snow creation only lasted 4 hours. The sun came out and warm temperatures began rolling in. I explained to Lucey that this was going to happen. She was such a good sport. She was okay with this. We laughed!!! Lucey makes everything so much fun!


  1. Tell Lucey that is the most beautiful snowman (snow lady) I've ever seen. Love the color choices, especially the tutu.

  2. Lucey has grown so much! She looks like she is such a blessing to you and your family! Hang on to those young years. They go by so fast!


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