Thursday, October 6, 2011

Where Past Meets Present Part IV

Okay, so back to the past. I ended the last WPMP in April of this year and our amazing son being sworn into the United States Army Reserves (and Lucey's dental). This post takes us through the rest of April. Which was a very busy month and the start of the many busy months that followed.

April 17--Palm Sunday

Andrew and Christian confirmed their faith and their love for Jesus in the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church. They spent two years studying God's word. Every week they learned a new memory verse and studied their lessons. It was at times, difficult. It was a commitment and time consuming. In the end, rewarding, as they confirmed that Jesus is Lord and Savior.

We had a small celebration for the boys.

The table is set and ready for our guests to arrive.

The confirmands are ready to go to church and share with the congregation that they are committed in Christ.

Andrew and Christian's class.

Pastor Mease and the boys. We miss our church family, Pastor Mease and his precious family...I'm so happy we shared this together.

Aunt Marianne and Uncle Paul came to support the boys and share the day with us.

April 21st--We drove to St. Louis for Lucey's Cranio-facial team appointment.

With the cap on her head, she is ready to get her picture taken.

There she is on the computer screen.

They are measuring head growth and comparing to other kiddos who also have their skulls measured.

Lucey's appointment went very well. She is growing just as she should be. The plastic surgeon spoke with us for about 45 min. He was ready to start jaw reconstruction this past summer. We chose to wait. He showed us pictures of his ear reconstructions. We are praying for wisdom in how we are to proceed with Lucey. Such big decisions. We knew the teeth needed to be fixed first and that was a must. Not too much new news. This was her third team appointment. This went much better than last year. I was so happy Ron could go with us.

April 23--Coloring Easter Eggs! My sister and her little guy came over to Mom and Dad's to have fun with the eggs.

Nana and Lucey working on the eggs.

April 24th-- Easter! He has Risen!

I brought their baskets/buckets with us...I love doing them and the boys get a kick out of them still. We have had these buckets for quite a few years! Lucey was so excited to see her basket.

Lucey putting her ears on Mr. Max. He can tolerate a lot!

The Tucker Troops--Easter 2011

April 25-- Adam wins and American Legion Award

This award recognizes the boys and girls who are deemed most worthy of the high qualities of citizenship and of true Americanism. I think this award was most appropriately given to Adam.

Adam and Peter were the boys awarded from his school.

April 26th--Adam celebrated his 18th birthday! I feel like his special day was crammed into this very busy month. He is such a go-with-the -flow kind of guy...he was happy to have a cupcake.

This is what 18 looks like! A honorable man. A man I'm so proud to call son.

April 27th--Christian at a home track meet. Christian is in Gold and Navy closest to the camera.

As you can see by this picture, he was not happy with his time. He ran a 6 min. 2 sec. mile. He is very hard on himself and disappointed. He went out there to break the 6 min. mark. Christian also has asthma. The kind that requires daily medication....the kind that can scare a mom to tears. I have been in the ER with him more than I can count. I'm so proud of Christian! I think his time was amazing!

April 30th-- The Ft. Leavenworth Post Wide Yard Sale.

I have to say, I was organized and ready despite 5 teenage boys spending the night at my house the night before....what was I thinking?

We sold quite a bit of our "stuff" to help lighten the load of our move. Lucey was loving the boys Hulk Hands. I think all the kids had fun with the end...they were ready for the trash. The little car was not for sale despite people asking.

October 6, 2011

Present---Lucey and her's a beautiful day here!


  1. I love the word banners that you have hanging, so pretty! I laughed at the Hulk hands ~ we used to have a couple of those and my boys had great fun with them over the years until we finally got rid of them. :)
    Your family is so sweet, and Lucy is just precious!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, just started following yours!

  2. LOVE getting caught up!!! You have such a beautiful life and precious family!!! Lucy is just a doll~ her hair is so long and beautiful!!! Blessings and love!!! XO


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