Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Andrew and Christian's 13th birthday

February 15

13!! Unbelievable....Andrew and Christian are teenagers. I am a Mom of 3 teenage boys. Seriously! When I tell people that I have three teenage boys they look at me like I'm nuts. Little do they know that my boys are amazingly wonderful.

Their birthday fell on a weekday so I had doughnuts for them before school.

Look at poor Andrew (on left); little did I know he was feeling terrible. He went to school. I took Lucey to school and went to the salon...minutes before my stylist put color on my hair the school nurse called to let me know Andrew was in her office....vomiting. I sat there for a moment. Is there any way around this....I was 30 min. from home. I always cancel hair appointments due to some drama. I felt terrible for thinking I could have a neighbor pick him up...I did the right thing....I left the chair and drove straight to the was his birthday and he needed to be in bed...or near the toilet.

Aunt Bunny sent them their favorite cookies....her homemade butter cookies. They are out of this world. Do you see those two big bags she sent all the way from Germany.

The following weekend they had some buddies over to spend the night. The boys would much rather have pie than cake. They chose blueberry and lemon pie. These kids are good kids. Easy to have around.

Mark is fun, he is the guy on top....he is also the oldest of the group. He is good natured about his size. I think that's great.

Back to their actual birthday....this gift was from the Smith family....wrapped so pretty. Thank you everyone, all of our friends and family who gave such generous gifts. The boys were spoiled.

Christian is number 20....his last basketball game fell on his birthday. Ron was out of town, Adam was busy at school, Andrew was at home sick so it was just Lucey and I there cheering him on. We were running a little late....I walked in at his end of the court just in time to see him score a basket and to get pushed over to earn him two more shots. He made those shots! What a great birthday gift for him.

Lucey....always so good natured about cheering on the players.

The cute cheerleaders.

They lost their last game....actually it was a pretty rough season for the Tigers. They learned a lot and became better. I hope Christian's will try again next year!



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