Monday, September 20, 2010

The First Two Football Games

Andrew and Christian went into this football season with one thing in mind...trying something new. They never imagined how much they would love this sport. They love the punting, throwing, running and especially the tackling. They practice two hours after school everyday and after homework in the evening, they run back outside and get their buddies together for a friendly game in the front yard.

They are the Tigers. They lost their first game but they also found out that they are a pretty good team. Andrew had to sit this game out due to his pneumonia. Andrew was pretty down.

(Remember...especially my family, if you click on the individual pictures they will enlarge)

Christian is number 74. He had a good game. I don't know much about football. This is what I know about Christian's position....he took down the guy running the ball. He was successful quite a few times this night. The next 4 pictures show him doing just that.

And he is down!

Game 2
Andrew is still recovering from his illness but helps out as water boy.
I know it wasn't easy for Andrew to be on the sidelines but he was a great sport.

The Tigers have some really cute cheerleaders. ;-)

During half time Lucey asked if she could run to Andrew.

I was surpised she ventured that far away from me. Good for her.

She gave him a hug and was ready to come back.

She lost me for me a moment....

She saw me...what a determined little run.

Christian is number 74.

The Tiger's won 30-12. Yippee!!! I don't think Patton won a game last year. I hear this team has some promise. Christian didn't have his best game. I could tell he was a little off. He didn't want to miss the game so he didn't tell me he wasn't feeling well. He was running a 102 degree temp. He had strep throat.
As I type this he is back at school and feeling very good. As for me, I feel terrible. I don't have strep; I went to the Dr. last week and they took a culture. But what ever I throat feels like a knife is stabbing it every time I swallow. It's terrible. I have lost my voice and my neck hurts. I have another Dr.'s appointment tomorrow. This has been going on way too long.

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