Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Glance at Mother's Day

Celebrations continue....

The kids spoiled me with some fun gifts and homemade cards (thank you Ron for your creativeness and sweet ideas!). Since Mom and Dad had planned to come for Mother's Day, they brought gifts for Adam (who's birthday was at the end of April) and for me (yes, it was my birthday too.)

I asked Ron to take a picture of me with each of the kids. They are growing right before my very eyes. I thought maybe, our friends and family who do not see us very often, would love to see how much everyone has grown.

Andrew and I (I hate this picture of me but I love Andrew's smile in this picture) are just about the same height.

As you can see, Christian is quite a bit taller than I. Look to the lower right and you see Lucey's bow...she loves the camera!

My little girl...I'm not sure if she will ever be my size. She is so petite.

Adam...a hair over 6'. Tall and handsome.

I loved my homemade cards. I will save them forever. Each of the boys wrote a letter to me that I will always treasure. Lucey is losing her clothes as the evening progresses.

I didn't have a very good picture of my mom and I on Mother's Day evening so I chose this picture taken on May 8th. My Mom spent Mother's Day with her Mom, my Grandma-- she will be 97 in a few months. What a blessing for both of them. We had a nice time together when they returned home on Mother's Day evening.

Finally...celebrating Adam. What a fun night together.

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