Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This Week Keeps Getting Better

On Monday, the boys and I went to see Santa with Lucey. We had so much fun. Here we are waiting in line. Lucey was so patient. She could see "Sampa Sauce" through the greenery. We were trying to talk it up a lot.

Christian and Lucey

Lucey is kicking back and enjoying the wait with the 4 of us hovering over her.
I took my camera and intended to take a picture of Lucey with Santa but she was reserved. The boys and I sat in the picture with her and we bought the photo they were selling. I wish I could scan the photo for you to see but it's not hooked up. Lucey sat on my lap for the picture. Santa was sweet and asked the boys what they want for has been many years since they have done this ritual....I think they secretly had fun playing along.

This tree is huge and more photo before we shop. Adam took the boys out for dinner and they went their merry way. Lucey and I did our own shopping before we linked back up with the guys. We laughed so much that night. Adam was doing impressions of Jimmy Stewart and some of the other characters from, "It's A Wonderful Life." I had no idea he knew every line to the movie. We got home so late. Lucey was such a trooper.

This Morning...

I slept until almost 8:00. Wow...what a wonderful treat for me! Lucey did not get up until after 8:00. Ron was still home so he went to get her when she woke up. I had no idea they have their little routine every morning and every night.....they have tea together. This morning they invited me. Lucey is pouring tea for me.

We are "chinging" our tea cups...their little ritual before they take a sip.

Sipping tea with Daddy.

Big hugs for Daddy. It is really precious to watch Ron and Lucey together.

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  1. Tea party pics are precious, but I love "Sampa Sauce"! LOL :) I bet your pics turned out better than Joy's. Jia was scared to death! lol :)


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