Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Pictures That Made The Cut

Prayer Request: Lucey and I leave bright and early tomorrow morning for Children's Hospital in St. Louis. Please pray for our safety and for the details of our visit to go smoothly. I'll explain more about Lucey's appointment in my next entry. I'll be home Tuesday afternoon.

To my friends...those of you I'm meeting tomorrow for lunch...the bunch of you....I'm so excited! I'm very much looking forward to some girl time (and Ian...the only little guy).

I also get to see Mom and Dad and see my sister and her little family. Lot's to look forward to in the midst of some craziness.

I'm not the best photographer but I do love these pictures....

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  1. I love Lucey's Christmas pics. :) You have beautiful children. Hope to see you again sometime soon. Travel safe and we'll be praying for you in St. Louis! ♥


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