Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas with the Troops

I hope everyone had a very Blessed Christmas celebrating the Love of Christ with those who are dear to you.

We had a very relaxing Christmas Eve as a family. Traditionally we go to church Christmas Eve. There is something special about celebrating in church, in the evening by the glow of candlelight. This year our plans changed because Christian was invited to Acolyte on Christmas day.

Christmas Eve was slow paced and lovely. We baked cookies, played games, laughed, joked and delivered goodies to our neighbors. The weather was rough with ice and then snow. We were definitley having a white dreaming here. Ron and I were in bed before midnight! A first for a Christmas Eve.

I was up before everyone on Christmas morning. I noticed how cold it felt in the house. The thermostat was set at 73 but the temperature read 64 falling. Brrrrrr.... Lucey was not happy when she woke up...she was cold and cranky....this old house is not insulated properly. Ron called a work order. There were many emergencies on post due to the bad weather so we had to wait our turn. We were all dressed and ready to go to church when Pastor M. called to let us know he was cancelling service....the conditions on the streets and in the parking lot were not good. We learned later there were road closings on post. The services scheduled on post were also cancelled.

Plan B-- Ron put together a beautiful Christmas service in our home and we all participated. We loved it so much that we will incorporate this into our Christmas traditions (along with going to church).

The maintenance man finally arrived at 12:00 kind of looking like an old scruffy Santa. It was funny! We were opening gifts when he arrived. We were waiting for Lucey to say, "Sampa Sauce." I say this respectfully....he was working hard on Christmas Day....but wow....he was one, very smelly man. His scent lingered in our home for a bit. But at least we were finally toasty! We offered him cookies and off he went to the next emergency.

We spent our day rejoicing in all the blessings the Lord has given us this year....especially the gift of Lucey. Every one agreed that this was the best Christmas ever because of her.

We thank everyone for all the support, love and prayers and especially your love for Lucey...the journey was long and tedious at times but we always felt the Lord's presence during the wait to bring her home to us.

Much love---The Tucker Troops (Click on the "play" button to view our Christmas photos.)

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  1. Can't get the smilebox to work right now, will have to try it again later. So what did you do for your 'home' service? Sounds neat. :) We always read the Christmas story from the bible for a tradition. This year just didn't seem like Christmas though. I don't know why. But it's been nice to spend time with hubby and the kids and stay in where it's warm. Glad you had a beautiful Christmas!

  2. Jia enjoyed seeing all the pictures of Lucey! Glad you all had a Merry Christmas! Hugs from all of us!


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