Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Let's Play!

Adam had a soccer game this evening and Ron was gone so I toted everyone up to Adam's school. The boys brought some things to entertain themselves....I guess the game is not exciting enough for them....hee hee.

Playing cards on the blanket.

Wrapping up in the blanket.....

Christian making adjustments......

Christian pulling Andrew and Lucey down the hill......weeeeee....what fun!

It's Andrew's turn to take them down the hill. Lucey loves playing with the boys.

Adam mentioned it was quite a scene from their side of the field....all of his buddies could see all the activity. It's true....the boys are full of energy and keep me on my toes. There is something about twins....they just feed off of one another. Always thinking up new things to do.

On a sweeter note....Christian reading to Lucey. The boys are very good to her.

Lucey can have a lot of fun even when the boys are at school. She is dancing around being silly.

She can make quite a mess too. She makes us smile.

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