Friday, May 22, 2009

It's a Hair-y week--

It's all about the hair this week. Appointments-appointments before we move. Andrew and Christian got their hair cuts first. I had an appointment earlier this week...cut and color. Max is at the groomer right now as I type. Adam has his appointment this evening with his girl, Danielle. Ron...he is always getting a cut...I won't count him. But, Lucey......

This morning was her turn. Her first hair cut and it had to be with my girl, Amy. Oh how I love Amy! Not only does she always do a fantastic job with my hair and I'm always happy; she is a beautiful person inside and out. She is young, she loves the Lord, she is a home owner, she works full time and volunteers at a clothing shelter part time. She amazes me. She was so sweet with Lucey and Lucey did great. Lucey needs those wispy ends trimmed up.

"I love this fancy, girlie cape you are putting on me, Amy." I'm sure this is a first for Lucey.

"I can see myself in the mirror, this is fun."

"I'm ready when you are."

"I'm proud of you sat so well."

"How do I look? All freshened up for my Baptism on Sunday."

I caught Andrew giving Lucey a ride "up front" on Lucey's Big Bobby Car. Uncle Kevin and Aunt Bunny need to send Andrew and Christian Big Bobby's because they have just as much fun as Lucey.

Adam's last full day of school is today. Adam and his friends decided to have a big spread at lunch and they planned out who was bringing what....of course it involved me. Adam's plan was to bring two fruit pies. It was my pleasure to send up two pies. It did involve having Ron to come home and take them because the developmental therapist was here during the time they needed to be at school and of course I'm always the last minute person and they were in the oven baking. (How about that for a run-on sentence) Anyway, I know Adam is going to miss his friends and this school. This year has been the best school year- ever- for Adam. Adam has done well and the staff and kids have been a blessing to us all.

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