Saturday, February 14, 2009

Having A Ball

Military Ball

I was thrilled to spend Valentine's Day with My Guy! I was a little off my game though; I've got a bit of a sinus cold. Even though I was not at my best, I felt great in my new ball gown.

I very much enjoyed being around all the young college students and talking with them about what they are doing and their future plans. The ROTC program at our university has quality cadets. They are an impressive bunch. In this photo, the Seniors are being recognized.

Ron's Battalion hosted the event this year. Ron introduced the head table. He introduced me last, as his Valentine. Ahhhhh. After that, he introduced the guest speaker and Brigade Commander--Colonel Sharon L. Wisniewski. I loved what she had to say. She talked about the question, "Why we serve?" She told our young people that they should ponder this question. People will ask and their answer should be from the heart. "Some may ask with a negative tone.--be prepared" She gave her reasons why she serves. Her speech was heartfelt. I really respect Col. Wisniewski, she is an amazing, accomplished woman. We enjoyed her company and her husband Kris very much.

Sharon's husband surprised her with roses after her beautiful and so sweet!

Our guests for the evening, Grace and Paul. They have a very important roll at the University. I'll leave it at that since I did not ask for permission to share more information about them. They are a FUN couple! We picked them up at 4:00 and had great conversation with them on the long drive to Base and back as well as at dinner.

At the end of the evening I was serenaded by the MS-4's...They are a cute bunch. I think their goal was to embarrass me. It didn't work. They did a Top Gun routine; all taking turns singing "You've Lost That Loving Feeling." I loved it! These guys are getting ready to be commissioned and I know they will graduate and go on to do great things as officer's in the US Army. Way to go boys!
Ron and I have had such a great time at this assignment. It will be hard to say good-bye (I think I keep saying this). Ron will miss his time here and his time with the young people. To think, Ron and I met in college when Ron was a cadet....almost 22 years ago. Time has flown. I know we will run into these future officers somewhere down the road at some post somewhere in time. I look forward to that.


  1. YOU look fabulous!
    And you've just gotta love the cadets!
    So happy to see your TA!!! sorry for the late congratulations, but i can't wait to see your travel plans and of course see Lucy in your arms!
    Happy Valentine's Week!

  2. you look amazing!!! What a fun night. We'll be at Ft. Leavenworth 22-27 for PCC and will be sending love your way for your trip.


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