Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Lincoln

Lincoln's Bicentennial Birthday

Katie and Jim arrived at our house this morning at 9:00 a.m. to take the boys on a special outing. I have been so preoccupied with Lucey and making travel arrangements that I forgot it was Lincoln's Birthday. We live very close to Springfield, IL so when Katie and Jim suggested they take the boys to celebrate Lincoln's Birthday by traveling to Abraham Lincoln's Presidential Library and Museum, I couldn't have been more grateful. Katie is a homeschool Mom and has such a zest for teaching. She is so loving and kind with the boys. They feel very close to her. You too Jim! This is a busy time for us and we have quite a few big events over the next several days. I have been feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to happen. I spent the day catching up and running errands and finalizing travel plans. It was a gift to have this day to myself. Thank You, Katie and Jim, You are a blessing. The boys had a great time! What a fun learning experience.

Along with Lincoln's Birthday, we will be celebrating Andrew and Christian's Birthday too--Andrew and Christian will be 11 on Sunday. :-) They received these shirts as part of the Lincoln Celebration. How neat!

Standing with the Lincoln family. Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, his wife and three sons who died before manhood, a family scarred by personal tragedy, yet marked by public triumph.

Did you know that experts think that President Lincoln has Marfan's Syndrome?

I have read that Lincoln loved to read and day dream. We can relate to him in our family.

The boys watched a neat film called 'Ghosts of the Library' . Here they are standing outside the theater.

Jim, Andrew and Christian. I can see Katie's reflection in the window. How great is that!

What a fun day and the weather was perfect!

Andrew and Christian brought home a collection of things. To remember their day, Katie and Jim purchased some gifts for the boys, a post card, a great book that we have already started reading, a wonderful wooden flute that they will play on Saturday with her during piano lessons and a wooden ball and cup game (this game originated in France in the 16th century) that we have all been challenging each other with. We are all getting pretty good with it. Thank you again Jim and Katie! What a fantastic day!

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